Why Can’t I Remove the Screen Lock?

why can't you remove the lock

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 27, 2022

When trying to disable the screen lock, an error occurs? In this article, you will find the most common causes of this error and ways to fix the problem.

Why does an error occur when disabling the lock screen?

Normally, you can’t disable the screen lock from the active security settings. The most likely causes are as follows:

  • Applications run with administrator rights.
  • Availability of credentials certificates.
  • VPN is used.
  • Data encryption is enabled.
  • The lock is active with the help of accessories.
  • Virus or system error.

Solution 1: Disable apps with administrator rights.

Applications with administrator rights include system applications, antivirus programs, and alternative screen lockers. While the programs are active, it is not possible to disable the lock for security reasons.


Open your phone or tablet system settings.

Next, find and open the Security section.


In a new window, open the Administrators item.

administrative access

Disable the applications present in the list one by one to identify which program prevents the screen lock from being disabled.

active options

Go back to the previous menu and try again to disable the screen lock.

Solution 2: Delete personal data certificates

Some applications, most often corporate, work with an additional security certificate. A certificate is a file that confirms permission to access certain data or features of an application. And for security reasons, the screen lock cannot be disabled as long as the corresponding certificate is present on the device. Therefore, clearing the certificate allows you to solve problems in most cases.


  • Open the system settings of your mobile device.
  • Go to the Security section.
  • Find and tap on Clear credentials. This action will delete all previously installed certificates.
  • Confirm the action in the pop-up window.
  • Try again to disable the screen lock.

Solution 3: Disable the VPN

VPN connection provides increased protection when accessing the network compared to a normal connection. In addition, having an active connection may prevent you from disabling the lock screen. Therefore, you need first to disable or delete the VPN connection, if there is one.


Open the system settings of your mobile device.

Tap on the More or Advanced section.

more options

In the next menu, select VPN.

menu vpn

Open the VPN service and make sure that the connection is not active.

entry vpn service

If disabling the service does not solve the problem, delete the VPN services.

One by one, tap on the button in the form of a gear next to the added VPN services.

In a new window, tap on Delete VPN.

delete vpn service

Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window.

Try again to disable the screen lock.

Solution 4: Disable data encryption

The encryption function allows you to protect the information on the device. Therefore, in order to prevent hacking, it is not possible to disable the lock while the data encryption is in effect.


Open your phone or tablet’s system settings.


Go to the Security section.

phone encryption

Open the Encryption option and disable the function if the option is active.

mode deactivation

You may also need to decrypt the memory card if the external drive is glued to the internal media using the Adoptable Storage.


  • Make a backup of all the data on your mobile device, including the memory card.
  • Go to settings.
  • Next, open the Drive section.
  • Select the external memory that is used as the internal storage. Format the card to delete the section.

Method 5: Disable the lock on accessories

Some accessories – fitness bracelets and smart watches-include a secure unlock feature. Therefore, you need first to disable the lock on the accessory or app installed on your mobile device.

Method 6: Formatting the memory

If the previous methods did not solve the problem, you should check your mobile device for viruses. You need to install an antivirus application and scan the memory.

You should also start your smartphone or tablet in (a) safe mode. In this mode, only the necessary programs are run, which allows you to configure various functions and modes correctly.

At the very least, you will have to restore factory defaults (make a reset to restore the factory settings). After the reset, the device will return to its original state, which will allow you to disable the lock easily. In this case, resetting the settings will delete all data available on the device. Therefore, it is important to prepare the device for the reset and save important data.

backup and reset
reset smartphone settings


This article describes the most likely reasons and solutions if you can’t remove the screen lock. This is usually prevented by an application with administrator rights or an installed certificate. In rare cases, you need first to disable data encryption. And in very rare cases, make a reset to the factory settings.

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