Why do Clear Cases Turn Yellow?

How to whiten a silicone case

by Alex Gustman

Updated: August 29, 2022

A transparent silicone case is an excellent choice for protecting your phone, because a transparent case does not hide the color and design of the cell phone. However, after a few months, most transparent phone cases turn yellow and lose its original clear appearance. Here you will learn why the transparent phone case turn yellow, as well as how to stop yellowing process and how to clear a yellowed case.

Why do silicone phone cases turn yellow?

Almost all transparent cases are made of silicone. Silicone is a non-toxic synthetic material. Under the influence of several external factors, irreversible chemical processes occur inside the cover. Chemical compounds break down, which leads to the yellowing of the clear phone case. This is a natural process called aging of the material.

There are several factors that accelerate the aging process of transparent silicone cases:

  • Ultraviolet light.
  • Heat.
  • Dirt and sweat on hands.

The ultraviolet light from the sun heats and breaks down the chemical compounds inside the phone case. As a result, the transparent case becomes yellowish and sometimes brown in color. The more the cover is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, the darker the cover becomes.

Heat is another factor in accelerating the aging of the phone case. The cover heats up naturally in hot weather, in your hands and in your pocket. The same way a case heats your phone when the phone is running a high-performance game or application. Wireless charging and fast charging also heats up the phone case.

Finally, hands sweat and dirt also causes the see-through phone case to turn yellow. Oil on hands is absorbed into the case and causes it to darken, due to the mixing of chemical compounds on the surface of the phone case.

Do all clear cases go yellow?

Yellow cases of synthetic origin are made of silicone and plastic. However, plastic transparencies do not yellow as quickly as silicone transparencies. Usually the transparent plastic cases get dirty and darken due to scratches in the covering.

Transparent glass cases are better. These cases will not yellow or darken over time, because no chemical reactions occur inside the glass like synthetic cases do. Therefore, a phone case made of glass will last longer and require less cleaning. As an example, a magnetic case made of tempered glass.

How do I keep my clear case from turning yellow?

A synthetic case will inevitably yellow over time. This process cannot be stopped, but it can be stretched. It is enough to regularly follow the following recommendations:

  • Rarely use the phone with a transparent phone case on a bright sunny day.
  • Avoid overheating the case.
  • Clean the transparent case on a regular base.
  • Wash your hands frequently and do not touch the case with dirty hands.
  • Use more than one sheath.

How do you remove yellow from clear silicone?

There are three ways to remove yellowing from a transparent silicone case:

  • Washing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Bleaching.

Some silicone cases turn yellow not because of aging material, but because of dirt and sweat. So a soapy wash in a soapy solution will help bring back the transparency of dirty covers. If dirt and sweat are deeply absorbed into the cover, cleaning with a cloth with 70% alcohol will help.

Cleaning the case removes yellowing in the upper layers of the silicone cover. You can use bleach toothpaste or baking soda to clean it. Severely yellowed phone cases may require two or three cleanings. Some covers may need to be smeared with toothpaste and left on for several hours to see visible results.

Bleaching can help with overly yellowed silicone phone cases. Chlorine-containing substances are good for bleaching. Sometimes you may need to soak the case in a soapy solution of chlorine for a while to make the yellowing disappear. Remember, however, that chlorine is an aggressive substance that may damage the silicone cover. Therefore, you should not use concentrated bleach. It is worth adding a little water and reducing the concentration.

How to Wash a Silicone Case

To wash the clear phone case, follow these steps:

1. Fill a container with a little warm water.

water container

2. Add a little soap or dishwashing detergent to the water.

soap in a container with water

3. Soapy water and rinse the case thoroughly.

cover before washing
washing the transparent cover

4. Rinse the washed cased in clean water to wash away the soapy solution.

soap removal

5. Wipe the case with a dry towel.

moisture removal

How to Clean a Silicone Case

To clean the clear phone case with toothpaste, follow these steps:

1. Apply whitening toothpaste to the phone case.

toothpaste application

2. Allow the carrying case to rest for 15-20 minutes with the toothpaste.

application of toothpaste to the case
toothpaste case

3. Rinse the toothpaste off and check the results.

Washing the toothpaste removal cover
toothpaste removal

4. If the phone case is still yellow, apply the toothpaste again and brush the case with a toothbrush.

5. Rinse off the toothpaste in clean water.

washing the silicone cover

6. Wipe the silicone case dry with a dry towel.

drying the silicone case

To clean the clear case with baking soda, follow these steps:

1. Pour a small amount of baking soda into a glass.

soda in a cup

2. Pour a little water into the baking soda and stir the baking soda.

baking soda and water
stirring soda with water

3. Apply the baking soda to the inside of the phone case and allow to set for 15-20 minutes.

soda on a silicone case
soda on the surface of the silicone case

4. Rinse the baking soda off the case in clean water.

Washing the silicone cover after the baking soda

5. Check the result. If the case is still yellow, reapply baking soda and clean the case with toothpaste.

6. Rinse off the baking soda in water.

baking soda removal
clear silicone case

7. If you are satisfied with the result, dry the cover.

removal of water after baking soda

How to Whiten a Silicone Case

To whiten a clear phone case, follow these steps:

1. Pour some bleach into a glass. It is better to dilute concentrated bleach with water.

diluting bleach with water

2. Soak a cotton pad or tissue in the bleach.

cotton disks

3. Wipe the phone case several times.

bleach impregnation
bleaching the silicone cover

4. Rinse the silicone cover in clean water.

washing the silicone cover after bleach

5. Dry the case.

drying the cover after bleaching

If the whitening result is not satisfactory, repeat the process again.

How often should you clean a clear phone case?

A transparent phone case is best cleaned several times a day. You can use wet wipes to remove dirt and dust. Even if you wipe your hands with wipes or wash your hands with soap and water before using the phone, sweat will penetrate the phone case. Therefore, it is a good idea to clean the case several times a day and once before going to bed.

Several times a week, it is worth washing the cover in a soapy solution. And if you notice that the phone case has begun to yellow, then carry out cleaning with bleaching toothpaste or baking soda. Do not use harsh detergents, as different chemical compounds may accelerate the aging of the cover.

Cover of plastic and tempered glass can be wiped with a cloth soaked in a 70% alcohol solution. You can also wash the plastic cover and tempered glass cover in soapy water.


How can I make clear case clear again?

If the phone case is dirty, washing the case in a soapy solution will help restore transparency. Older cases will not be helped by washing, and you will need to clean the phone case with bleach toothpaste or baking soda. Very yellowed phone cases should be bleached in a chlorine-containing detergent.

Is there a clear case that doesn’t turn yellow?

Combination covers with a transparent plastic cover can be found on the market. The side of the case is made of painted silicone or rubber. You can also use magnetic cases made of tempered glass. Glass in these cases does not yellow. And as a bonus, you get all-round protection for your cell phone.

How long until clear cases turn yellow?

Silicone phone cases lose their transparency after 2 months of use. If the phone case gets hotter and exposed to ultraviolet radiation, then the yellowing appears earlier. Careful use and regular cleaning of the cover will allow it to retain its transparency for up to 6 months.

Do Apple clear cases turn yellow?

Apple cases turn yellow if they are made of silicone. Some manufacturers add various additives to the composition of the phone case to slow the aging of the material. At the same time these cases are more expensive than silicone case of unknown manufacturer. Also you may get a fake. Therefore, pay attention to feedback from other buyers of silicone cases.

How do you remove the yellow from a transparent phone cover?

Washing, cleaning, and bleaching can help remove yellowing from clear cases. If the case has yellowed due to dirt and sweat, washing the case in a soapy solution may help. Very yellow cases should be cleaned with toothpaste, baking soda or bleach. Also, not every case can be made transparent again. Sometimes the phone case has to be replaced.

Do Otterbox clear cases turn yellow?

Over time, Otterbox Transparent Cases will turn yellow because they are made of silicone. Most transparent cases also include plastic to increase the strength of the case. Therefore, Otterbox transparent cases do not turn yellow completely or as quickly as cheap silicone cases.

Do Casetify clear cases turn yellow?

Casetify Transparent Covers are made of thermoplastic polyurethane. TPU can yellow over time due to the natural aging process. Phone cases also yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light, excessive heat and chemicals.

Will rubbing alcohol clean clear phone case?

Alcohol is good for removing dirt and sweat from a transparent cover. Alcohol can be used for different transparent surfaces: Silicone, TPU, plastic and tempered glass. Only 70% alcohol should be used, as concentrated alcohol can damage silicone and plastic joints.

How can I make my silicone phone case clear again?

To make the silicone phone case transparent again, wash the cover in a soapy solution or clean it with bleaching agents. It is best to use non-aggressive agents. It is safe to use hand soap, toothpaste, and baking soda.

Why do iPhone 13 cases have a circle?

Cases with a circle are needed to attach the MagSafe magnetic charger. Such a case will allow you to use MagSafe technology in previous generations of Apple phones.

Why is Casetify so popular?

Casetify takes an interesting approach for customers. All customers can choose a case design or order a personal design for the phone case. As a design, the buyer can put a text of different style and color. In addition, all cases are made from 50% recycled materials, and packaging is 100% recyclable.

Why is my phone case yellow?

Under the influence of ultraviolet light, heat, dirt and sweat, and various chemicals, the material of the phone case ages. Chemical compounds within the material deteriorate, causing the case to take on a yellowish tint. For a while the case can be made transparent again by bleaching and cleaning. Then the structure of the case will change and you will not get the transparency back. You will have to look for a new transparent case.

How do you clean a clear phone case that turns brown?

A silicone case that has turned brown cannot be brushed back to its original state. Bleaching will help remove some of the yellowing, but the cover will not become completely transparent.

Is Otterbox clear case worth it?

Otterbox products are of high quality. If you like the transparent case, buy it.

There are two main offenders that accelerate the aging process of clear phone case materials. The first is ultraviolet light, which you mostly encounter from the sun

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This article describes in detail why clear cases turn yellow. Yellowing is an inevitable process of aging of the material due to heat, dirt, and ultraviolet light. You can stave off the appearance of yellowing on your silicone phone case with regular washing and cleaning. If you don’t want to maintain the transparency of a silicone case, then you should consider clear cases made of other materials such as plastic and tempered glass.

How do you remove the yellowing of the case? Share your opinion in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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