Why does My iPhone Screen Protector Keep Coming Off?

Why does the glass on my iPhone peel off

Updated: August 18, 2023

The tempered glass screen protector often comes off due to wrong installation and irregular cleaning. There are also other reasons. Here you will learn main reasons why the protective glass on your iPhone keep coming off and how you can fix it.

Reason #1: Not enough cleaning of the phone screen before applying the screen protector

Before installing the tempered glass screen protector, you need to thoroughly clean your phone’s screen. Dust, debris, sweat or oil from your fingers prevent the screen protector from connecting securely to the screen, causing the tempered glass to come off. Some air bubbles will appear when the screen is not completely cleaned. And air gaps appear on the edges of the glass where dust and other debris gets in. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the air bubbles and debris under the tempered glass screen protector.

Do the following steps:

  1. Wipe the tempered glass screen protector with a wet or alcohol wipe. This will help remove debris and dirt on the glass.
  2. Then gently remove the screen protector and place it on a clean, flat surface with the sticky side facing up.
  3. Clean your phone screen. To clean the screen it is better to use wipes with 70% alcohol content. Pick up any moisture residue with a dry wipe.
  4. You need to remove debris and dirt from the sticky side of the tempered glass screen protector. Use Guide Stickers or sticky tape to clean the glass. Also use stickers or adhesive tape to attach the tempered glass screen protector.
  5. Install the tempered glass when the sticky side is clean. Before installing, check the phone screen. There should be no dust or dirt on the phone screen.

Reason #2: Dust and debris around the tempered glass screen protector

Debris and dust collects around the tempered glass screen protector if you don’t clean the phone screen for a long time. Dust and sand get stuck under the screen protector and damage the sticky layer that holds it to the phone’s screen, causing the screen protector to come off. Therefore, it is important to clean the protective glass regularly, at least 2-3 times a week.

Do the following steps:

  1. If necessary remove the case from the phone.
  2. Clean the tempered glass screen protector. Use a wet or alcohol wipe. You can also use a cleaner for TVs and PC screens.
  3. It is important to remove all dust and debris from around the edges of the tempered glass screen protector.
  4. If you can’t get the dust off with a wipe, then use an antistatic brush. You can use a clean, medium-hard toothbrush.
  5. If the dirt gets too deep under the glass, then use the previous solution. Remove the tempered glass screen protector to clean the iPhone screen and the sticky side of the screen protector.

Reason #3: If there is a bump on the tempered glass screen protector or a manufacturing defect

Due to manufacturing defects, the screen protector may not work as it should, which can cause the screen protector to peel off. The problem is found in cheap tempered glass screen protectors and knockoffs of well-known brands. Often the tempered glass screen protector is smaller in size. For this reason, dust and debris can get under the glass more quickly. It is advisable to replace the defective screen protector. Use the proven brands ZAGG, Belkin or OtterBox.

Reason #4: Scratches and cracks in the phone screen

Deep cracks and scratches on the phone screen can also be the reason why the screen protector keep coming off. The sticky layer of protective glass does not have enough fixation in the place of a chipped or cracked screen. Therefore, it is necessary to fix the screen protector with UV glue.

Do the following steps:

  1. Purchase UV glue to fix the screen protector. You will also need a UV lamp to dry the glue.
  2. Remove the old screen protector glass.
  3. Thoroughly clean the phone’s screen. Optionally, clean the sticky side of the screen protector.
  4. Apply UV glue to the center of the phone screen.
  5. Install the glass. Under the weight of the tempered glass, the UV glue will fill the free space evenly.
  6. Secure the protective glass. Use a tissue paper to wipe off any remaining UV glue.
  7. Use the UV lamp and heat the screen evenly for 2-3 minutes.
  8. When the glue hardens, the screen protector will be firmly attached to the phone screen. When you need to replace the tempered glass, heat the screen with a hair dryer and then lift and remove the protective glass.

Hybrid Glass screen protectors are a mix between plastic and glass. Weʼve come across two brands with hybrid screen protectors which are the Mous Hybrid Glass and the Zagg InvisibleShield Sapphire Defense.

As fancy as these products sound, they are essentially different materials layered on top of each other. We know the marketing fluff makeʼs it sound like the materials are blended but they are not.

From our perspective, these hybrid screen protectors give your screen the feel of a glass screen protector with the protection of a plastic screen protector. From our impact tests, we can tell you that these screen protectors are as tough as regular screen protectors.

Source: https://www.mobilereviews-eh.ca/the-difference-plastic-glass-screen-protectors/


How do you stop a screen protector from lifting with a case?

Cut off the 4 corners if you are using a plastic screen protector. Then the protective film will stop peeling with the case. If you are using tempered glass – fix the glass with UV adhesive for a protective coating. Or use tempered glass that is smaller than the screen. Often cheap tempered glass is a couple of millimeters smaller than the tempered glass of a famous brand.

How do I make my screen protector stick?

It is necessary to thoroughly clean the phone screen before installing the screen protector. You can use different compositions for additional fixation of the screen protector. Commercially available UV adhesive to fix the protective coating. This type of glue is used to fix curved 3D glass.

How do you get a tempered glass screen protector to stick?

The screen must be thoroughly cleaned before you install the screen protector. It is best to use a microfiber cloth with 70% alcohol content. Then remove the film covering the sticky side of the tempered glass and place the tempered glass on the phone screen. Under the weight of the tempered glass the air will come out. You can also use guide stickers to facilitate the installation of the tempered glass. To do this, you need to stick 2-3 stickers on one side of the glass and the phone body. Then you need to turn the glass like a page of a book. Remove the transport film and flip the tempered glass on the clear phone screen.

Can I reapply screen protector?

You can reapply the screen protector if the adhesive layer is intact. You can reapply the tempered glass, but not the film, as the protective film is damaged once removed from the phone screen. To fix it you can use a UV adhesive like the one used to install 3D curved glass.

What glue is used on screen protector?

Silicone with various additional components is used. UV glue is used to fix the curved 3D glass. The UV adhesive hardens when exposed to UV light and provides a perfect bond to the tempered glass.

Can I take off my glass screen protector and put it back on?

The tempered glass can be removed and reinserted several times until the adhesive layer is damaged. If the sticky side is damaged, you need to fix the glass with a silicone adhesive. You can also use a UV adhesive to fix the screen protector.

Does my phone need a screen protector?

If you want to keep the screen of your smartphone as new – use a screen protector. The best option is tempered glass. Tempered glass can prevent the phone’s screen from cracking if the phone falls to the ground. Without a screen protector, your phone’s screen will be damaged. So using even cheap tempered glass can save you money on repairs.

How much does it cost to get a new screen protector?

The price depends on the type of screen protector and brand. Cheap glass costs up to 10 USD. High-quality, brand-name glass like ZAGG is 20-50 USD. The high price of 3D curved glass is due to the complex manufacturing of tempered glass.

Which is the best glass screen protector?

Quality protective coverage produces the company Zagg, Belkin, Skinomi, IQ Shield. However, the products of these companies do not provide coverage for all models of cell phones. Therefore, companies are focusing on the production of protective coverages for popular models and flagships.

How do you put a screen protector on an iPhone without bubbles?

You need to remove all the dust from the phone screen. It is also better to make a wet cleaning before installing the screen protector. This will help remove the dust flying in the air. When installing tempered glass, air bubbles appear less often than when installing a protective film. Hydrogel film can also be used. Air bubbles in this film will disappear in 2 to 3 days after the installation of the screen protector.

How long does a screen protector last?

Tempered glass lasts for several years. If you use your phone carefully, you will not have to change the tempered glass at all. The protective film lasts for one year. After that you will have many scratches on the screen protector or it will come off. High-quality and expensive protective films last for 2-3 years.

How do I fix my iPhone screen protector?

You can remove the tempered glass and clean the sticky side. Then install the tempered glass on the phone screen protector. If the sticky layer is damaged, you can use silicone or UV adhesive to fix the protective cover. It is not possible to fix the protective film.

Will removing the screen protector damage the screen?

If you are using a screen protector, you will have to throw the screen protector in the trash after it is removed. If you are using tempered glass, then you can reuse the screen protector. But if the sticky side is damaged, you need to apply something to hold it in place before you install it. Silicone or UV adhesive to hold the protective coating in place will work. You can’t use glue to repair the screen. Because you will only damage the screen and glass in the future.

Do all screen protectors have adhesive?

All screen protectors use an adhesive to secure the screen. The type of adhesive varies with each screen protector. For example, to install a curved 3D glass, only UV adhesive is used. And for normal glass you will use silicone with different additives.

Is a screen protector necessary for iPhone 12?

You need a screen protector if you want to keep the new state of the screen. The best protection is tempered glass. Tempered glass can withstand a fall of your phone to the ground. A protective film protects against scratches but won’t protect your phone’s screen if dropped on the ground.

Does iPhone 13 come with screen protector?

The phone’s screen is protected by tempered glass built into the screen module. So you’ll need an extra protective cover if you want to keep your screen in like-new condition. The best protection is tempered glass.

How do you stick a screen protector without bubbles?

To stick a tempered glass screen protector without bubbles, clean the screen thoroughly. Also, it is best to install the screen protector in a clean room. Make a wet cleaning before installation. If you install tempered glass, you are less likely to get air bubbles.


We have explained in detail why your iPhone screen protector keep coming off. The main reason is poor cleaning of the phone screen before installing the screen protector, as well as not regularly cleaning the phone screen. If the screen has deep cracks or chips, it is necessary to fix tempered glass with UV glue for screen protectors. Cheap glass is often defective, such screen protector is better to replace.

Write in comments whether the screen protector on your iPhone peeled off and how you corrected such a problem.


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