Why Is My Battery Draining So Fast?

why my smartphone is quickly discharged

by Alex Gustman

Updated: April 14, 2021

An old device holds the charge worse due to degradation happening to the battery. However, sometimes a relatively new iPhone starts losing the energy faster than it should. One can hardly blame an original power source. If this is your case, read this article to see how to fix the most common energy-soaking issues. 

What is draining my battery?

Some services and apps can cause the power to go out faster than normal. To start with, let’s have a look at Apple designed features draining the battery:

  1. E-mail service. By default, your device checks the inbox all the time, consuming a vast amount of energy. Unless you are constantly waiting for urgent messages, it is wiser to visit Fetch New Data under the Accounts menu and disable “Push” slider. Below chose less power consuming fetching interval suitable for you.
  2. Location features, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, or Bluetooth. Most people don’t need their devices to keep a constant track on them. If you are not at home and are unwilling to connect to a wireless network, turn off Wi-Fi. If you don’t use your speaker at the moment – disable Bluetooth. Visit the System Services tab and turn off everything except Find my Phone, which helps you locate the device when lost or stolen. 
  3. Sharing analytical data with the manufacturer. Product Improvement page helps Apple work on their products and sell them more effectively. The answer to “Why does my phone die so fast?” might be hidden here – do not hesitate to disable everything on the page. Also, go to Privacy-Analytics and turn both sliders off. This will stop constant data flowing to Apple and sufficiently improve battery life.
  4. Display settings and effects. The brighter your screen, the more power it consumes. The same applies to higher refresh rates and live wallpapers. If your battery life is more important than smooth animations, visit the Motion menu item and enable Reduce slider. Decrease refresh rate, and instead of living wallpapers, choose dark static ones.

All the services above are energy consuming. People ask, “Why is my phone dying so fast?” without even knowing that these features exist. It is worth tweaking them to see improving battery performance.

What apps are draining my battery most of all?

If you have fixed all the items above and wish to go even further – you still have something to check upon. One of the features to avoid is geofencing. It enables you to set up a region on the map and, depending on the app, do some actions if you (or your relatives) leave from or arrive at it. This way, the iPhone will constantly monitor your current location to make it happen and drain the battery. If you don’t specifically need it – don’t use applications based upon this technology.

One more thing to consider is closing the apps you do not use often. When you exit the programs, they remain hanging in the memory, soaking the power off. Swipe up to manage the applications and leave the ones you need at the moment.

Also, reconsider widgets – essentially, these are small apps that never stop working. Press Edit on the Widgets panel and remove the ones you do not need. You can access it by swiping right from the home screen.

Are you bothered by various apps notifications you do not need? They make the screen repeatedly go alive and run in the background, which takes some power. You can manage them under respective menu items – simply look through the list of programs and disable the messages you do not wish to see. 

Background App Refresh is a real energy drain if used by all the installed applications at once. It is wise to allow some of them to use an internet connection, though. Check the respective menu item to reconsider your permissions.

How to keep the battery healthy?

There are three simple but effective tips to prolong lithium-ion battery life:

  • don’t charge it up or discharge down,
  • use short charging cycles instead of the long ones,
  • don’t expose your device to extreme cold and heat.

Most of the issues making your battery last less are software-related. This is especially true if you use a new device. Before carrying it to service, try to use the solutions above. They will enable you to make most of a single charge without sufficiently cutting on necessary features.


We have described the main reasons why your phone’s battery is dying so fast. Except for possible breakdowns, most often, the phone battery runs out quickly due to the owner’s intensive use, because of applications running in the background or because of a virus on your phone.

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