Why Is My Phone Charging Slow?

why the smartphone is charging slowly

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 28, 2022

It is upsetting to charge the device for several hours without sufficient battery percentage change on the screen. It’s ok if you only need to reach the office where you can plug the smartphone in again. However, if there is no outlet or power bank available, a low battery level might become an issue.

How often do you ask yourself, “Why is my phone charging so slow?” If this question bothers every day, it is worth looking into. Should you need to run to the service or even replace the device immediately? The reasons might be connected to both hardware and software. The good news is that you can fix most of them yourself without leaving your house. Let’s have a look at the possible reasons for charging slowly and common ways out. 

Why isn’t my phone charging fast?

Typically, topping up the battery ends in about two hours. If you ask, “why is my phone taking so long to charge?” it is way longer than that in your case. Often there are several main reasons for that connected to the equipment you use. It might be:

  1. Cheap or damaged cable. The fact that you do not see any visual bends or insulation layer holes does not mean the cord is fine. Take another one and try to use it in the first place to see if there is any difference. Replace it if there are visible damages. Please do not go for the very cheapest ones since they might be incapable of delivering enough power.
  2. Outdated or broken power adapter. They stay with us even when the phones go away. The problem is that they might not be powerful enough to work on a modern device effectively. If you can sniff burn plastic or see sparks coming out, it is not wise to use it again. Try another one and see if it helps to solve the problem.
  3. USB port you use https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB. The computer might not be able to give enough power as well. If you do not have a wall adapter available, at least try another port – preferably USB-C.
  4. The outlet. Plug into another one to check if there is any progress. If there is, call the electricians or fix it yourself while the device is charging fast.
  5. Maybe it’s the fast charger you use. The thing is that it might be sufficiently slower than your wall adapter. If you are in a hurry, take out your cords.
  6. The charging port. Accumulated dirt or lint may obstruct the metallic contacts. In this case, try to clean them up using a needle or toothpick carefully. Should it be completely broken, only the servicemen will help you out. 

When there is nothing you can do

Are you using an outdated device? It just might be the high time for your beloved iPhone 3GS to go. The question “why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?” might be battery-related, especially if you tried all ways out above with no result. If you have a detachable rear panel, check if the power source is inflated. Take it with you to the store to see if you can buy a replacement. 

However, if the phone is too old, maybe it’s just its time has come. Perform the checks above to see your charging time improving. Though they will help in the majority of cases, there are even more possible slow charge reasons. Let’s have a look at them.

Fix your software

Multiple apps fetching the data simultaneously might prolong charging time. As to applications, we offer the following approach:

  • if you don’t use an app for a month, get rid of it,
  • restrict those consuming most power – check on that under the battery-related menu.

You can disable background ones in App Refresh if you are using an iPhone. If you are an Android fan, the process is a little complicated: 

  • in leading settings search field enter Apps,
  • Click any program on the list,
  • choose Force to stop to unload it from the device memory.

One more way is to become a developer by hitting About the phone seven times. Then enter Running services into the search field to look at the list of all active programs. Make sure to disable only the ones you are confident about.

Why does my phone slow down when charging?

Sometimes when you use a bad adapter or try to top up using an outlet in the train, the screen stops responding right. This is connected to the poor current quality. The only solution, in this case, is to replace the adapter.

Slow charging time does not mean you will have to buy a new device. Instead, try to fix it yourself by following the steps given above. The reason is usually easy to fix; the troubleshooting process should not take more than a few minutes. You only need to know where to look at.

This is likely not an issue if you’re using the stock charger and cable, but it could be if you’ve decided to charge your battery with something other than an outlet. Sometimes people like charging their phones using USB ports on laptops, portable batteries, cars, and power strips. These can often be weak sources of power, and don’t have the necessary juice to charge up your device in a timely fashion. Try switching to a wall outlet and using a fast enough charger for your phone’s standards.

Source: https://www.androidauthority.com/10-reasons-android-battery-charges-slowly-fix-644814/


Here we showed you the main reasons that slow down the charging of your phone. Check your phone from the list we have provided, and maybe you can make your phone charge faster. Also, remember that a high volume battery takes longer to charge fully.

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