Why Won’t My Phone Charge?

why the phone is not charging

by Alex Gustman

Updated: July 10, 2021

We love to be online at all times since it helps establish useful connections and find the information we need. To do so, we have to top up the power sources inside our portable devices regularly. However, we will fail to do so if the phone stops charging. Let’s have a look at how to address this issue effectively.

Why isn’t my phone charging?

First and foremost, there are multiple ways to top up the battery. Fixes you might try will be different depending on the situation. For example, you can charge using:

  • wireless Qi station,
  • the port on your personal computer or laptop,
  • wall adapter,
  • power bank,
  • USB hub.

Let’s analyze all of them to see possible solutions.

When there are (almost) no wires

Wireless charging is a relatively new technology that requires no wires but the one connecting the device to the socket. Keep in mind that it is vital to align the inductive coil inside the charger and the device for the seamless process. This means that changing the smartphone position on the pad a little might help.

If the previous solutions don’t work, try to plug in using a suitable wall adapter. If the process starts, the problem is either inside the charging station or your device. To figure out what is the problem, you may:

  • place sound Qi-compatible device on the plate to see if the charger works,
  • try plugging it into another wall outlet to eliminate power socket malfunction,
  • find another Qi-charger and try to use it with your phone before carrying it to repair.
wireless charging phone

Wireless devices are capable of charging through thin layers of materials, such as plastic or silicone. This means that in most cases, you don’t have to take the cover off. However, the current cannot go through metal. If your case connects to the car mount, for example, it can have a small metal plate installed, that might be the issue. In any case, it is worth removing the case to eliminate this factor.

Several tips on what to do if your phone won’t charge

If you use a USB port of your computer or laptop, the obvious solutions are to:

1. try another one until it starts charging,

charging station

2. replace the cable you use,

another cable

3. check if the laptop is not discharged itself,

4. see if the computer is powered on and is not in the sleep mode,

5. make sure USB cable connects firmly to the ports on both computers and the smartphone sides.

If you use one wall adapter to charge everything inside your house, it might be an issue. The one meant for e-readers might not be capable of delivering enough power for other devices. If this is the case, try another one – the one that came with the smartphone. It is also worth checking if the connection cable is not bent or damaged.

Although it might sound silly – check if the socket is functioning. You can do that by plugging in any device such as a hairdryer.

How to fix a phone that won’t charge with a power bank or USB hub?

If you use a portable battery, there are several issues to look for:

  • the corrupt cable between the power bank and the smartphone,
  • dirty (or damaged) connectors and ports,
  • discharged (or ruined) battery,
  • broken smartphone.

First, check if the battery is not drained off. Then try to replace the cable and, if it still does not work, carefully clean the charging port tabs with a toothpick or needle. Make sure to power off the phone before you start. If there is no progress even after you tried a wall adapter and another cable, the problem is probably inside your phone.

standard power supply

As for USB hubs, the same issues, such as dirty connectors or broken wires, can be fixed similarly. Electronic components are not perfect and sometimes do malfunction. Before carrying the device to the service, however, there is a list of actions we can take ourselves. Don’t hesitate to check everything before you start off to repair – this will save both your time and money.

usb connector repair

Why won’t my iPad charge to 100 percent?

If the tablet does not charge above the 99% mark, then there is nothing to worry about. If the charge stops before 99%, the charger may not have enough power or there may be a problem with the battery. If the tablet is performing other tasks while charging, then the charger is not able to cover the power consumption. You must stop working and leave the tablet in inactive charging mode.

What do I do if my phone charger is plugged in but not charging?

You need to check charging the phone using a different charger. This is necessary to determine the problem in the charger and in the phone. If the phone charges with a different charger, then the problem was in the charger or cable. If the phone does not charge, then the problem is with the phone. If the problem is in the charger or wire, it is enough to replace them; if the problem is in the phone, it is worth going to the repair shop.

Why is my charge going down when it’s plugged in?

The phone may not be charging at all due to a faulty charger or the phone. You need to check the charger’s power supply and the functionality of the charger itself. Also, the phone may be running some programs that are consuming a lot of battery power. In this case, it is necessary to reboot the phone and put on charging again. You should also scan the memory with antivirus programs.


Why won’t my charger work?

It is necessary to check your charger with another device, check the functionality of the cable and connector of the mobile device. The check will allow you to determine what is preventing charging.

Why won’t my Fitbit charge 3 turn on?

You may need to charge the battery. Connect the device to a power source and wait 30 minutes. If the device does not work, contact a service center.

Why won’t my iPad charge in the car?

You should check the power supply. Your car charger may not work or may not be compatible with the tablet.

Why won’t my android charge in the car?

Perhaps the charger is not working or there is no power supply. It is worth checking if it works with another charger. If the other charger works, then the charger is the cause.

Why is my phone not charging while I’m using it?

The capacity of the charger is not sufficient to cover the battery consumption. Use the charger with accelerated power or reduce the load. Also, a decrease in battery charge may cause the battery to overheat.

How do I know if my charger port is damaged?

The charger port is damaged if it feels loose when you connect the cable. Also, if the phone does not charge or data transfer to a computer does not work.

How much does it cost to fix a charging port?

The cost varies from workshop to workshop. Usually up to $50.

How can I test my phone charging port?

Try connecting the charger cable, and the USB cable connected to the computer. If the cable is firmly fixed, there are no problems with data transfer or charging, then everything is fine.

How do I clean the charging port on my phone?

You should clean the port with an antistatic brush. You can also clean the port with a vacuum cleaner.

What to do when your phone is charging but the battery is going down?

It is necessary to check running applications and close all unnecessary programs. You should also check that the charger is working properly. Also, check the system with antivirus programs to exclude viruses and other miners.

Can a virus stop your phone from charging?

Yes. Viruses and various miners can actively load the processor. Often the battery charger cannot cover the battery consumption due to working viruses. Therefore, it is worth checking your system from time to time for viruses.

How do you get debris out of a charging port?

Clean the port with an antistatic brush. Or brush the port with a vacuum cleaner to pick up any small particles.

Why is there black stuff on my charger?

The contacts may have become oxidized or the contacts may have been damaged by the current while charging. If there is excessive damage, the cable or charger should be replaced.

How do I clean the lint off my iPhone charger port?

You should use a vacuum cleaner and run the brush over the connector. The vacuum cleaner will pull out lint and other debris in a couple of seconds.

Can you use alcohol to clean the charging port?

You can use, but only concentrated isopropyl alcohol. The device should be turned off during cleaning. If the design allows the battery to be removed, then it is better to remove the battery.

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